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Our mission is to solve customer growth and give our partners every possible advantage.


> We built this company to solve the challenges we encountered every day as in-house marketers.
Dave Atchison CEO
Justin Hayashi President
Jean-Guy Speton Principal Engineer

As performance marketers at zulily, a Seattle-based startup that skyrocketed to $1.2B in sales in under 5 years, we were neck deep in the gritty, manual labor required to sustain growth on a daily basis.

Our approach — a combination of discipline, relentless testing and detail-oriented execution, was working, but we knew we could achieve greater and sustained success if we could scale our efforts.

With the support of AI-driven technology, we can work 24/7, continuously optimize and manage an infinite number of variables. Among the myriad CRM and marketing SaaS products on the market, there was no single solution that could truly scale performance in this way. So we built one.



We obsess over KPIs and metrics to bring the best possible results to our clients


We operate in the spirit of partnership to drive the highest performance together


We drive improvement through constant testing and optimization


We provide full transparency on our work, from actions to metrics


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We continue to uncover new opportunities and platforms for our clients to scale and grow. Whether you’re a startup getting a new marketing program off the ground or a large enterprise running a mature program led by a team of marketers, we provide clients with marketing solutions aligned to their business goals and industry.



We're run by some amazing people
Ryan Anthony - Head of New Partner Onboarding
Kevin Goodwin - Partner Success Lead
Jason Rankin - Partner Success Lead
Cindy Arthur - Partner Success Lead
Cristin Ford - Creative Director
Charles Brophy -Lead Engineer
Gary Chan - Partner Success Lead
Nora Bafus - Executive Producer
Tatiana Lawrence - Creative Lead
Myrna Secretario - Head of Recruiting
Daniel Silviera - Partner Success Manager
Susie Peters - Partner Success Lead
Miki Carlton - Head of Marketing
Kyle Parker - VP Sales
Marnix Brinkhoff - Director of Finance
Alex Turowski - Partner Success Lead
Jon White - VP Finance and Operations
Ramer Holtan - VP Performance Product
Kathleen Sullivan - Director of Enablement
David Wachtel - VP Product
John Mascavage - CTO
David Kennedy - VP Partner Engagement


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