Why Amazon - Now

More than 1 in 2 online shoppers initiate their product research on Amazon. Unlock new opportunities to find new customers and increase your revenue. What if you DON’T advertise on Amazon? You are losing potential business to your competitors.

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Increase Revenue Potential + Capture Higher Market Share

Long Term Ad Growth

Early Adopter Advantage

Launch Amazon before your competitors in an increasingly saturated digital marketing landscape and benefit from testing new Amazon beta products.

Actionable Cross-Channel Learnings

See the impact of Amazon ads against other channels and optimize ads that are more successful in certain channels vs others.

Higher ROI than on Facebook and Google

Understand the full revenue potential on Amazon and take advantage of higher purchase intent to boost performance.

Grow and Protect Your Brand

Ensure your products appear first in searches, not your competitors’, to build your brand and awareness.

Deeper Data Reporting & Analytics

Valuable cross-channel insights paired with continuous testing and reporting to understand what’s working and what’s not.

Our Solutions

Inclusive Solutions and Software Features

Whether you are looking to launch a brand new ad campaign or boost your success on Amazon, New Engen can help.

Long-Term Reporting

Our API unlocks access to reporting that goes beyond Amazon’s 60-day window, enabling you to dig deeper into your performance and identify key actions and insights.

Dive Deep Into Data
Product Listing & Storefront Optimizations

Make your brand stand out and more discoverable with a storefront and product listings which we can help with.

Show Customers Your Good Side
Managed Account Services

Active account management by a New Engen team with expertise not just in Amazon Ads, but across all digital channels. We’ll perform a deep dive into your ads and digital strategy to help manage your investments so you’re spending efficiently in the right channels.

Cross-Channel Expertise
Marketing Strategy

Have you looked at why certain products sell on one channel and not another? We’ll continously analyze, assess and advise on your digital advertising to help optimize in all the channels you’re in and help push your growth.

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