Beat ambitious target CPA while increasing FB ad spend by 8X

A former partner, an athleisure company, came back to New Engen after some time away. We wanted to use this second chance to get this partner’s spend and CPA back under control.

New Engen's Approach

When we first began with this partner, our initial success on Facebook was muted from limited automation and creative iteration. The partner flipped to a brand-oriented marketing agency, where their spend scaled at the expense of ROI (which tanked) and CPA (which skyrocketed).

We used this partner’s return as another opportunity to show off our tech and our creative iteration methods.

A former partner returned to the company and we quickly increased ad spend by 8X.

Early in our partnership, this athletic apparel brand resisted our drive to flex our muscles in strategy and automation. Facebook and Instagram are volatile platforms, which is why both rapid testing and iteration is so important. Each ad performance is dependent on the audience's attention span, and our team, working with our tech, knows how to narrow in on success.


When the partner returned to New Engen and allowed us to use our software and in-house creative team, we leveraged our creative generation tool and tagging system. Since this is an apparel company, we quickly built and tested dozens of image and copy combinations, honing in on best-performing poses, crops, colors, styles and messaging. This information was essential to help the partner organize their next photoshoot. Shortly afterwards, spend and conversions quickly reached record levels.

We also created new audiences with New Engen’s audience bucket library. It augments Facebook’s saved audiences and builds amalgams based upon stored data of past success. And, three methods from our tech most efficiently helped us drive performance for this partner:

-Dark Posts

  • This tactic preserves the likes and engagement of our very best ads, which are then published to new audiences. New audiences are drawn in by the engagement already present on the post. If your network is interested in something, you might be interested in it, as well.

-Bidding Optimization

  • The algorithm watches for performance changes 24⁄7 to identify potential and missed opportunities. This allows us to take advantage of any gaps we've missed and to take a holistic look at how we approach our ads -- we're not afraid to try something new to find success.

-Ad Fatigue Detection Tool

  • This particular aspect of our tech detects ad creatives when performance begins to lag and rotates to a newer creative in the pipeline. This keeps us from wasting resources on something that isn't working. A proactive approach saves time and money, and then we can review the fatigued ad to see what we can learn from its performance.

Creative Tools & Results

Since we became a Facebook partner, we've had more ad types at our disposal and earlier than our competitors. This gives us a chance to build new ads and discuss possible iterations ahead of time. With the combination of our tools, we can find new and creative ways to achieve scale.

After this partner re-engaged with us on Facebook, the unique combination of our software, our team and our creatives were able to achieve record levels of conversions while bringing our partner's CPA back below target.

Our team was proud that a former partner returned to the company. We took advantage of this second opportunity to use our technology, and we quickly increased ad spend by 8X. We'll continue to iterate with this partner, reviewing creative and testing new formats and audiences to allow them to succeed.

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