Continuous 16MM monthly bid changes elevated new product line

New Engen has developed a successful partnership with a well-established gifting company. They engaged our team to test whether we could build on an already healthy search program.


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New Engen's Approach

As our tech and our team is always optimizing to scale growth, our goal was to launch in a new channel to drive as much revenue as possible. This partner has a wide variety of evergreen and seasonal products. From the start, we focused on new, uncharted products to see what we could learn about their performance with a range of audiences. Our earliest learnings were focused on these targeted campaigns.

Our campaigns were built on multiple tactics for detailed analyses, which allowed us to focus on aspects such as rapid testing, intraday bidding, demographics, day of week and time of day.

Our tech became the cornerstone of SEM growth for this partner.

Scaling with Our Tech

Our tech became the cornerstone of SEM growth for this partner. Compared to their incumbent agency, this gifting company reached much greater success with our team and our tech. After rigorous testing, the team and our campaigns achieved significantly more bid changes and copy variances, resulting in a dramatically higher volume of conversions. We accomplished this all while maintaining strict ROAS targets and doubling spend.

We followed through on our early success with more frequent bids and continually adjusting to highly seasonal times and trends, along with systematic keyword negation. Our dramatic improvements helped the partner dominate a new category.

We took a many-pronged approach to success, but here are some more details about our tactics:

- Strategy

We began with a thorough audit of the account, building with 100% coverage. The plan was to match what the partner's legacy campaigns had covered, so our tech could outperform and win. From there, we could continue to iterate on what we'd learned.

- Execution

Our team spent a couple weeks building out the campaigns. Our particularly thoughtful approach allowed us the opportunity to break the head terms down into 4 core campaigns. We took the care to separate them by income and audiences to maximize our efforts.

- Last-Minute Adjustments

Due to some unforeseen time constraints, we ended up with 5 days to prepare, including the weekend. But due to the way our tech and our team operate, we were already primed to do well as the campaigns ramped up.

- Daily Efficiency

We're always looking for the best way to effectively and economically drive success for our partners. On the first day, we were too efficient. On the second day, we tested into broad match campaigns and with a lot of revenue, were nearly inefficient. On the third day, we found a happy medium and have been exceeding expectations ever since.


New Engen demonstrated the superior capabilities of our technology with advanced intraday bidding algorithms. As a result, we are now their exclusive partner in paid search.

With a few large seasonal events approaching, our team continues to review creative learnings. Our proactive approach prepares us for upcoming opportunities to make the best of our speed and efficiency.

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