Creative tech + new prospecting approach lifted conversions 1,784%

An organic skincare and cosmetics company had challenges acquiring new customers to their unique brand and came to New Engen to unlock success on Facebook.

+ 1,784%

YOY conversions

+ 975%

YOY spend

- 43%


New Engen’s Approach

Our creative team and account managers began by reviewing their products — made with natural, organic ingredients. Combining our expertise in green beauty and cosmetics, we found an opportunity to invest some time and resources into a previously overlooked product line. After refocusing and honing our efforts, we quickly saw positive results that exceeded even our high expectations.

We saw an opportunity to scale through massive creative testing.

We first assessed the partner’s existing ads and audiences. We saw an opportunity to scale through massive creative testing. Previous ads often consisted of single images or lifestyle images that did not feature the product. Our team recommended images that highlighted the product, which we knew worked well on Facebook. With the partner’s approval, we helped transform their lifestyle images that didn’t showcase the product well into eye-catching product shots that better utilized pops of color.

Creative Transformation

Our team began to work on some passive prospecting around a higher-tier product line. Due to the cost, these products didn’t quite drive the results we were seeking. We recommended to the partner that we start testing their high-quality, comparably lower-priced products, for which we believed we would find a range of potential new customers across a variety of audiences. And we did. This was unchartered territory for the company, but this approach was critical to their growth and success. We were then able to convert the majority of those buyers into customers of their higher-tier, more profitable products — the company’s ultimate goal.

Creative iteration was also key to winning new customers. We tried split screens to showcase the product alongside product ingredients, but the results were underwhelming. We also tested on-model and close-up images that other cosmetic companies had found effective, but these didn’t do well for this partner.

We learned from these creative setbacks. We knew we could beat our initial success, so our team continued testing to uncover new opportunities for growth. As a next step, we incorporated gifs and video ads — game changers that brought even more success for this partner.

After several months of continuous testing, spend increased 10X. Conversions poured in, from just a few each day to a few hundred every day, producing a 4,000% increase.

Today, their previously overlooked product line drives the most revenue for the company, and their top-performing ads continue to feature those specific products.


Our systematic and persistent testing approach coupled with fresh creative allowed us to aggressively push into a new product line, which yielded dramatic results. Year-over-year, spend increased by 975%, which led to an unprecedented boost in conversions of 1,784% while lowering CPA 43%. It was a powerful combination of a partner willing to try new things and our technology and experience.

Revitalizing the partner’s creative tech and performance was the key to help them massively scale. Revenue jumped so significantly through Facebook that it has become the anchor to this company’s digital marketing. The added visibility and awareness generated on Facebook also helped grow their wholesale business, which is not always easy for an emerging brand in a highly competitive industry. We regularly bring outside-the-box thinking and new creative ideas — key ingredients to continued success on any channel, but especially on Facebook.

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