Our groundbreaking ad fatigue detection tool increased CTR by 5X

This San Francisco-based boutique gifting company specializes in craft gifts for men. Prior to working with New Engen, they had yet to begin testing on Facebook, a time-intensive channel.

New Engen's Approach

The company had fallen into a slump due to the seasonal nature of their business. Starting with our partnership in 2016, we began and continued an aggressive testing strategy which we scaled quickly. Because of this partner’s unique gifting structure, we started testing in a range of audiences to find success.

We first tested into multiple devices, and split out age groups, which resulted in improved conversions. We created broader – and younger – buckets, conservatively testing into new audiences to find success.

Our laser-focused approach to Facebook targeting coupled with strong creative was a winning combination.

Creative Exploration

Testing new creative formats -- video animation and collections -- was a critical turning point. Our in-house team designed multiple animations to test on Facebook and Instagram. We also looked at Facebook's best practices for copy as more of a guideline than a rule. Longer ads allowed us to delve into the company voice and give more details about the variety and unique quality of their gifting options.

Through rigorous testing and expert guidance, our efforts resulted in unprecedented customer engagement and a CTR of 5%. The partner received frequent input and data from us on how each test was working. Our fast but systematic approach helped us build trust with this partner and allowed them to succeed in a competitive landscape.


We consolidated all of our learnings, including from off-peak testing, to bring our partner the greatest success. Our laser-focused approach to Facebook targeting coupled with strong creative was a winning combination for this partner, establishing New Engen as their trusted advisor. Today, they are having their highest conversions at their CPA efficiency target.

We started from scratch in a new time-consuming, complex channel, and helped this partner reach their highest, most efficient conversions. Next, the partner has great success with their awesome gift offerings around the holidays. We'll continue to iterate on new creative on various audiences, while maintaining a unique brand voice.

We built parts of our engine specifically for Facebook. With the rapid turnaround, the demanding testing and the range of creatives, the platform is constantly changing, and our tool helps us keep up. What helped us tie the bow on success for this gifting company is our ad fatigue detection model. Our engine's deep insight into ad performance lets us know when our ads begin to lag, so we can stay ahead of the curve. When an ad begins to fatigue our tool queues up a new ad, ready at the most effective period to publish, so we're never a step behind.

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