Our relentless intraday bidding on 1MM keywords drove 400% YOY growth

This growth-oriented startup is an innovative online beauty company based in San Francisco. Prior to New Engen, they had been challenged with scaling efficiently with paid search and chose to spend very little in this channel. What drew them to New Engen? They were impressed by our detailed approach to our tech, and they allowed us work on their search campaigns.


bid changes in Q4 2017


Keywords Tested


exact match search impression share

New Engen’s Approach

We focused on volume instead of CPA and aimed to hit a consistent growth rate month-over-month.

Building an SEM Campaign

This partner didn’t mind working with a higher CPA to increase volume. We sought out additional keyword opportunities and quickly built out campaigns with more than a million keywords, also focusing on the valuable, but time-consuming long-tail keywords.

At a scale unmanageable by humans, the unique combination of our team and our tech performed 2.9 million bid adjustments on these keywords over the quarter, achieving 72% exact match search impression share and 1,268 conversions.

We drove 400% increase YOY in search budget.

We drove a 400% increase year-over-year in search budget, while meeting ROI and efficiency targets set in tandem between our team and our partner. We worked closely with the partner to keep them apprised on ad spend, and we were singularly focused on growth and building volume. This gave us the latitude to add a little color to our efforts and quickly scale.


The success and efficiencies of these campaigns resulted in a 400% increase year-over-year in their search budget with them poised for further growth.

Building on Success

One success is never enough. Moving forward, we helped the partner expand into additional channels, shopping and Bing Search, to drive further growth.


This partner started fairly small in scale. After aggressive bidding and growth-oriented efforts, we helped them acquire a range of new customers. Our success earned their trust, which allowed us to iterate in their favor.

Next Steps

We’re continuously improving in Google Shopping and Bing Search and looking for more opportunities to help this partner succeed.

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