Refined audience testing increased conversions and grew revenue 12X

An organic clothing company needed a partner to help improve their Facebook campaigns, while maintaining efficiency. Our team was ready to take on the challenge.

+ 244%


- 47%


- 38%


New Engen’s Approach

This partner’s prior agency was unable to resourcefully scale their Facebook campaigns. At first, our team took a look at prior performance – what the partner had tried before, any gaps in what they had tested and what we believed our team and our tech could improve in the company's digital marketing strategy.

After reviewing creatives, we noticed that the company had been using lifestyle images to sell their products. We had previously found that alternative tactics worked well for clothing lines. We presented them with a photography plan and shot list, to recommend a different way to style their products. After multiple iterations, we found a winning formula.

We increased conversions by 283% and lowered customer acquisition cost by 47%.

The Perfect Fit

For one product line in particular, the ads showcase flat images of the products, featuring colored and textured backgrounds that work in tandem with the products themselves. Our creative team experimented with subtle movement for a “thumb-stopping tactic” to draw attention on mobile ads.

Once the data confirmed our winners, we immediately began testing aggressively into these audiences – we didn’t want to lose because we’d been too soft with an approach.

This product line saw a 244% increase in purchases, well beyond the partner’s expectations. The CPA landed comfortably at 38% below target, which in turn drove spend up 318%. Our team’s holistic approach means that each stitch of our plan came together seamlessly for success.

However, for another product line, we found that model shots performed the best. This methodical, tailored plan, not just for the company, but for each individual line they produced, helped us find the perfect fit to improve performance – the right tech for the right products at the right time.

Meanwhile, we also extensively tested copy iterations. We dove into the details for each product line, testing different terms, synonyms and phrasing in a wide variety of combinations. In the end, the partner’s top-performing copy to date was developed by our creative team.

Audience Testing

Digging into audiences, the partner hadn’t seen much previous success with retargeting. We didn’t want to lose the thread of our momentum, so we quickly moved into testing lookalikes and interest audiences in order to find an audience that drove success. Early on, we found a lookalike audience that immediately drove CPA down 10%.

We also unlocked top-performing audiences by creative testing a new product-based sales approach. Switching from site-wide offers to product-specific sales, we drove significant growth for prospecting audiences on Facebook. Year-over-year, we increased conversions by 283% and lowered customer acquisition cost by 47%.

After further testing, the tech proved that interest-based audiences with demographic targeting performed the best. The team narrowly focused in on the best way to continue to engage those audiences.


By refining creative and audience testing, we grew year-over-year revenue 12X. We also maintained a CPA well-below target and achieved 32% below target consistently for over six months.

Often, results and performance are organic and spontaneous, but our engine is nimble enough to adjust for new audiences, targeting and product lines. The data proved that this partner’s goals were achievable.

We never want to grow too comfortable with success, since our team knows there’s almost always something else to try and another method that can drive even more growth for our partners. We see potential opportunities with products targeted toward both men and women. As we continue to iterate, our team plans to drive the CPA even lower. Our tech also shows that there are even greater opportunities if we look more granularly at both men’s products and a range of gifting audiences. Our team continues to push the envelope to improve efficiency and performance for our partner.

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