Using an international, multi-language optimization approach, we cut CPA in half

This mobile ecommerce platform specializes in live, 90-second auctions with offices in Shanghai and San Francisco. Before coming to New Engen, four other agencies had not been able to scale growth while maintaining efficiency.







New Engen's Approach

We took on the challenge of scaling this company's growth. They had a strong presence in international markets, but we believed we could optimize on them more efficiently.

Our team began with a dedicated SEM strategy, optimized for efficiency, and quickly achieved 50% lower CPA.

Our technology adapted and optimized to country-specific search habits.

We significantly scaled in non-brand campaigns for this partner. Our technology allows us to easily generate a massive amount of keyword sets and ad copy. We built out over five million keywords, each bid on independently and optimized with our intraday bidding algorithm.

We hit the keyword limit and built out another account to accommodate for the amount of keywords our engine helped us find. Additionally, we started working on Shopping for them. Now, we manage over 1.5 million diverse and complex products, bidding at the SKU level.

Targeted Geo Expansion

Our technology adapted and optimized to country-specific search habits.

The tech quickly and automatically identifies search terms from high-performing, broad-match keywords. We tapped into this pool for each country so we could adjust by location. The tech also identifies and negates low-performing keywords, so we can test more efficiently.

We bid in groups so we could cluster the data for analysis and optimization. Our audience creation and refinement tools are specifically built to power broad, rapid audience testing. In 2017, we drove this partner's success by expanding into 11 countries and building out keywords in the native languages of each market.

Maintaining Success

We continued the trajectory for international growth and pushed into new markets and new languages. We also assisted in improving their interface for a smooth landing page experience to help engage and maintain their customers. The result of our tech-powered approach: the partner is now experiencing explosive growth that they could not come close to with the agencies they tried before joining New Engen.

Our team used a targeted approach, testing into multiple markets in a range of languages to help this company cut their CPA by 50%. We achieved amazing success with this partner, but we're not finished yet. We're focused on improving their shopping volume and exploring expanding into other channels and more international markets.

One of the great things about our tech is how detailed and efficient it is, but the tech's speed is where our success comes together. We can't succeed without the ability to move quickly. Especially with a partner so tied to the clock, it was important to showcase that our engine could do more than keep up, that we could win with our dedicated approach.

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