We multiplied return on investment for ad spend by nearly 4X

This early-stage luxury slipper company in San Francisco is known for both comfort and style. The two co-founders found it increasingly difficult and time-consuming to manage their Facebook ad campaigns in a crowded market. Months after perfecting their products and launching online, they had only seen limited success.

New Engen’s Approach

We wanted to help this partner break through the noise of this industry to showcase their products, so we started by learning more about their efforts, in order to develop a new path to increase revenue.

Building Revenue with Facebook

Following a conversation with the founders and a review of their assets, we internally found a few gaps where we could maximize results for the company. We quickly identified impactful strategies and tactics to increase revenue.

For example, the bulk of success came from the data we gathered from prospecting DPAs, rigorous testing of prospecting audiences and especially, creative video and image testing. Our tech identified high-performing ads and automatically terminated low-performing ads.

This allowed us to dive into the details. Our team leveraged their assets and continued to iterate on both the winners and ads that only showed a slight improvement in performance. We developed new sophisticated creative to match the company’s style and tone. Testing into different prospecting audiences gave us plenty of data to work with as we began to see results.


New Engen has been an integral part of their growth plan since this company engaged us at less than a year old. Working closely with the partner, we structured a successful, highly-efficient campaign, increasing revenue and reaching 4X return on investment for ad spend.

Maintaining Success

With our holistic approach, we maintained the company’s success, even during anomalies. Our approach also gave us the opportunity to take advantage of unforeseen gifts, such as a celebrity’s interest in their products. After early successes with Facebook and at our recommendation, this boutique luxury brand expanded their digital marketing, now trusting us with their search and shopping campaigns. As a result of their now efficient CPAs, we’ve doubled the company’s spend, increasing their revenue with incredible efficiency.

Taking a look ahead, we began prepping for the company’s spring line, anticipated to bring them much more success heading into warmer, seasonal weather, and gifting opportunities for Mother’s Day.


A bit of research and focused testing led to major success for a new company, multiplying ROI by 4X.

Next Steps

We continue to iterate on creative variations to further engage new and established audiences.

About the Tech

It didn’t take long for us to find the matching slipper for this Cinderella. As a Facebook partner, we can always test new concepts. Plus, our technology lets our team react more fluidly to changes in the channel, to build audiences and matching creatives quickly.

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