Wisely-optimized SEM campaigns led to record-high 13,000 conversions

After less than one year in business, a subscription contact lens brand planned to scale on all channels from traditional to digital. This partner came to New Engen for help building and managing their SEM campaigns.


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New Engen's Approach

Our first goal was to launch efficient, brand and non-branded campaigns for a nationwide American audience. We scaled at the start using our proprietary in-house tools and bidding engine. We immediately designed a fully-scaled national campaign, with both branded and non-branded keywords numbering in the tens of thousands.

We concentrated our best performing geo-targeting in one campaign. It was important to us to view this approach through the right lens, so our engine could bid more aggressively in specific locations. Our tech makes growth easy because it allows us to quickly duplicate campaigns, implement location criteria and test existing ad copy. We can find opportunities quickly and take advantage of many different possible angles to find success.

The cost per conversion leveled off as the engine scaled keywords to increase conversions.

Ongoing Optimization & Rapid Segmentation

Because of our initial forward-thinking approach and innovative tech, the campaigns were mature at launch. We took advantage of our efficiency with dynamic ad copy, structured snippets, and testing both a range of copy variations and landing pages. Our bidding engine quickly gathered data for further optimization.

With a range of generated keywords, we bid as granularly as possible to achieve peak efficiency. Our engine rapidly gathered data that helped us hone in on the optimal number of bids each day for every keyword combination.

We operate at a massive scale made possible by our proprietary in-house tools and algorithm-driven tech.

  • Our innovative engine analyzes and updates 1000s of bids each week to back into CPA targets
  • Results improve month-over-month as the bidding algorithm gathers information for both wide-ranging and precise data
  • As the tech runs the data, the software automatically adds more relevant keywords
  • Negative keywords are also automatic, to ensure efficient, significant bids

In our first few months live, we stabilized the CPA well below target.

The engine helped us to see clearly, so we could efficiently test into three separate groups for geo-targeted campaigns. The cost per conversion leveled off as the engine scaled proven keywords to increase conversations.

Then our software began to dramatically scale their acquisition efforts, hitting efficiency targets every step of the way.

Maintaining Success

After setting our target cost per conversion, we gradually worked to increase ad spend. As the engine helped us ramp up conversions, the cost per conversion dramatically decreased. And we outshined even our ambitious ad spend targets.

Our SEM efforts have been a key area of growth for this brand. The company's success here allowed us to focus their internal efforts on other channels -- you may have seen their ads during the World Series!

To recap, that's over 4.1 million average monthly bid changes, over 280,000 keywords generated and 13,000 conversions. With the unique combination of our tech and our team, we have remained well under CPA targets, while growing conversions at an impressive and highly-consistent rate.

Our unique approach allowed us to scale, optimize and maintain our search strategy and campaigns. The ad optimization tool in our tech has been essential to drive incremental gains for this partner. The combination of our team and our tech help grow them from a small competitor to a major player in this industry.

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