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Iteration Made Easy

Save Valuable Time with Bulk Campaign, Ad Set, Audience, Ad Generation

Quickly create and launch Facebook and Instagram campaigns, ad sets, audiences and ads in bulk. Seamlessly test to save time and simplify your workflow. Each component can be tested across a range of permutations – packaged and optimized in a variety of ways to uncover new insights.

Generate Winning Ads

Custom Workflows

Take Control of Bids and Budgets to Hit Your Targets

Hit your target CPAs and ROAS with flexible, user-defined rules to optimize bids and budgets. New Engen’s platform reacts to impression and performance volatility to ensure campaigns are bidding effectively. You have ultimate control to adjust targets at any time, decide how aggressively you want to bid, turn off auto pilot or set your own condition-based rules.

Achieve Your Goals at Scale

User-Defined Creative Tagging

Gain Data-Driven Insights on Your Creatives to Increase Ad Success

Create custom and user-defined tags for Facebook and Instagram images, copy, video, audience campaigns and landing pages. Make data-driven decisions on your creative instead of subjective decision-making. Our platform enables methodical testing and provides deep insights into creative. Easily understand what is or is not performing in your ads, to give you the ability to produce new ads with a higher likelihood of success.

Pinpoint your creative success

Creative Automation

Know Precisely When to Refresh Your Creatives

Automated notifications detect when an ad is fatiguing, so you know when to launch new creatives. And, the more you use the technology, the bigger creative archive it builds to deliver better insights to help build future ads.

Automate Your Creative Queue

Comprehensive Data

Access KPI and Trends Data to Make Smarter Decisions

Standard and custom performance reports allow you to dive into your data and uncover KPIs that matter most to you and your team. Boost visibility and uncover learnings across your Facebook and Instagram creative, copy, landing pages, audiences, campaigns, ad sets in a detailed and user-friendly report which includes macro trends, such as ad conversation rates, specific tags, CTRs by ad type, ad performance and more.

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Your Success = Our Success

We’re committed to your success and will provide all the support you need to deliver high-performing marketing campaigns. Our mission says it and we mean it – New Engen exists to Elevate the Marketer. Here are ways to ensure you’re on track for success.

Access to a searchable, comprehensive library of training and best practices.

Engagement options tailored for your needs, from a self-service platform to a full-service team doing whatever it takes to succeed.

Onboarding training from expert marketing specialists with proven track records using the New Engen platform.