How To Best Tell Your Brand's Story Through Stories & More

Recently, we sent some members of our New Engen Performance Marketing team to various Facebook conferences including the Facebook Global Partner Summit in New York City, Disruption Summit in Menlo Park and Click to Subscribe in Los Angeles. They came back with several stories about, well, Stories. Check out a recap of what they learned and how you can apply these learnings to your digital marketing campaigns.


Did you know… in 2019, the consumption of Stories is expected to exceed Newsfeed? Hello, horizontal swiping – catch ya later, vertical swiping. So, if you haven’t already, you will start see more companies taking advantage of this format – most likely on Instagram.

For brands, Facebook also noted that it’s reasonably priced from a CPM standpoint, so if you’re able to launch a test now, we recommend breaking this out separately from your other ad sets. We have found that several different inventory, bidding and creative tactics work on stories versus standard placements. For example, when you design your creative specifically for a Story – the full-screen visual experience for the user is much more appealing. In the current landscape, don't bet on your feed assets performing on Stories the way they sit now.


In today’s continuously evolving digital age, there is no reason for brands to not have video assets. Period. Time to bust out those phones! And don’t just take our word for it, one of the conference’s guest speakers, Sean Baker, discussed his movie “Tangerine” which was all shot on an iPhone. So, come on guys, there really is no excuse.


…because it’s going quickly! During a study that was conducted by Microsoft, they found the average person has an attention span of eight seconds… are you even still reading this? Good. Here is a breakdown from Facebook on immediate, interactive and immersive digital ads – and which work best for those with shorter to longer attention spans:


Here are some additional Facebook marketing insights we learned:

  • The fastest growing advertisers created 11x more creative assets (45 vs. 4)
  • People are drawn to products at eye-levels in stores just as they easily & comfortably interact with the central point on their phones (take your finger and draw a big oval on the center of your phone)
  • Mobile leaders design for one thumb – AKA the bottom half of your phone screen. It could not be more important to create a web design that’s tailored for one’s thumb – meaning all actionable pieces are within its range. This is key to differentiating a good experience from a bad one, because stretching your thumb too far can be exhausting.

It’s time to practice what we preach at New Engen – get scrappy, test (test, test, test) and learn! Anyone can create video and it’s easier now more than ever to build an asset and launch it. So get on it, test it, then iterate and expand on those that work. Easy, right?

Please reach out to the New Engen Performance Marketing team if you have any questions.

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