How to Get Scrappy with Creative

Jory Tindall, Senior Designer

No studio? No problem.

Just because mandatory quarantine is restricting in-person photo/video shoots and content production doesn’t mean that your asset pipeline needs to stagnate.

Scrappy in place: Think like an influencer

So, you don’t have a fancy camera and lighting equipment. That’s okay! You can still continue to generate assets – and good ones. Your phone, personal living space, and natural light source are a simple and relatable way to continue shooting product with an authentic and tangible vibe. Think like an influencer and showcase the product in its natural environment, how it is intended.

Enthusiastic while isolated: "Where are my inline skates?"

Gone (for now) are the days of smooth, slow motion panning shots displaying the detail of a product from every angle. But what about that lazy Susan you have in your cupboard? Or the skateboard taking up space in your closet? That commuter bike of yours hasn’t been getting a lot of use lately either. Everyday objects around the house can serve a different purpose to add motion and dynamic feeling to video, cinemagraphs, and stop motion. Just make sure you brush off the dust first (no judgment).

Polished from 6-feet: The ultimate sequestration solution

Even though our in-house production team has been forced to cancel a large number of planned shoots, we’re still trucking along with our “Stay-At-Home” Content Production Solutions. Our network of in-house and freelance photographers continue to perform shoots generating high-quality content while in isolation with a handful of adjustments and limitations. Here’s how:

  • Generally, only product-focused photography is possible unless the photographer has a unique living circumstance in which another individual is available.
  • Seamless or simple basic backgrounds are possible without the utilization of a proper studio arrangement.
  • The same high-quality photos, cinemagraphs, stop motion, and HD video is possible.

While these restrictions keep us from diving into elaborate and complex lifestyle and narrative concepts, they have a passive benefit: There is a notable stigma around highly produced content in the current isolation climate. We’ve seen positive trends that transcend verticals from UGC (user generated content) focused and content that is relatable on a personal and emotional level.