New Engen Experts Share Predictions for 2023

SEATTLE, WA - As we get settled into a new year, several major shifts are already impacting the larger digital marketing landscape. To help marketers anticipate such changes, we are sharing predictions from our leaders at New Engen on where things could go in 2023.

NE Leaders

Here’s what our leaders are predicting this year:

Justin Hayashi, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

  1. Brands finally invest in preparing for a cookie-less future via strong first-party data and measurement programs instead of just talking about it.
  2. Companies re-org or reallocate investment away from pure DTC and more towards omni-channel (including DTC).
  3. AI-generated advertising creative starts to get traction.
  4. The percentage of the workforce returning to work in-office sharply increases.
  5. Successful brands and retailers cater to either value/low-cost or luxury/premium, while brands playing in between struggle.

Kevin Goodwin, VP of Performance Marketing

  1. TikTok search advertising becomes a multi-billion dollar business - and 1 in 4 ads on the internet are from generative AI.

Jordan Cardonick, VP of Analytics and Technology

  1. Leveraging first-party data becomes more accessible, especially to those smaller brands that lacked the capitol to invest in enablement technologies.
  2. Many companies experience a GA4 aftershock after not being prepared for the migration and find themselves struggling out of the gate with how best to manage.
  3. Marketing teams/organizations start to collapse on typical party lines of Digital vs. Traditional/Email and move to a more holistic view where channels are just the mechanism to focus on the delivery of first-party data.

Anna Otieno, Head of Research, Strategy, and Insights

  1. Brands boost partnerships to meet consumer push for authenticity, transparency, and responsibility.
  2. Inflation and environmental concerns drive consumers to explore creative circularity and functional re-commerce.
  3. Smart and accessible immersive shopping change 1st party data norms and optimize e-commerce engagement.

Adam Telian, VP of Media Services

  1. CTV finally gets recognized and treated as a measurable performance driver.
  2. Retail media marketplaces for mid-tier retail brands that can’t stand their own networks up become a major growth sector.

Wondering what this means for your business? Get in touch! We’re here to help you navigate this ever-evolving landscape.

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