New Engen x Meta Webinar Replay: Supercharge Your Ads with Reels

October 5th, 2023
In our latest webinar, New Engen experts partnered with Meta for some #ReelTalk 🎞️

We've got all the juicy details for you right here, whether you joined us live and want to replay your favorite moments or couldn't attend and are craving a deep dive on Reels. Here's a taste of what we covered:

🎯 DJ Sutton, New Engen Director of Media Services, explained why Reels are so invaluable to advertisers right now.

🤝 Kevin Goodwin, New Engen VP of Media & Strategy, brought the supporting evidence with #ReelLife examples from New Engen clients.

🍵 Nora Bafus, New Engen VP of Creative, spilled the tea on how brands and creatives can crack the code on Reels.

Watch the full replay 🍿

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