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While most technology platforms leave you to deal with creatives on your own, we integrate creative development directly into our data-informed process.

The marketing industry is saturated with "quick fix" software and single-purpose agencies. But there's no lever to switch that will magically scale customer growth, and no single mechanism -- whether it's bidding, retargeting, or creative development -- is a sustainable performance marketing strategy on its own. Instead, it's a concert of several moving pieces that constantly need to react, adapt, and work in unison.

We like to compare our suite of technology solutions to a Formula One racecar.

At New Engen, we provide all those moving pieces. We're not just a bidding algorithm -- we have a robust system of professional account management, creative development, and detailed analytics experts. But we're also more than just a service provider -- we provide a suite of leading technology solutions to make customer acquisition smarter, faster and more scalable. Here's what we offer that other companies don't.

Technologically Driven

Our proprietary software allows us to perform at a level of precision with scale that isn't possible with current management tools on Google's and Facebook's interfaces. Designed in tandem with experienced performance marketers and our full team of software developers, our engine is built to maximize growth while maintaining efficiency. With growth and adaptability in mind, the engine allows our team to create multiple campaigns at once, segmented by device, match type and audience. Meanwhile, our bidding and budgeting algorithms never sleep, constantly monitoring and adjusting thousands of levers, while also retaining and acting on long-term performance patterns.

Operated by Experts

We like to compare our suite of technology solutions to a Formula One racecar -- it's designed to be a winner -- but if you're not a professional racecar driver, it'll be tough to handle all that horsepower. The same goes for operating our engine. We provide you with the racecar and the professional driver. Our team of experienced marketers are trained specifically in our platform and partnering with New Engen means access to our deep expertise, from strategic planning to audience curation, to creative execution across all digital channels.

Creative Horsepower

While most technology platforms leave you to deal with creatives on your own, we integrate creative development directly into our data-informed process. And unlike a brand agency that will spend weeks and thousands of dollars to conceptualize, story-board, and produce one video asset, we constantly work from the perspective of a performance marketer. That $50,000 video may be pretty and glossy, but what happens when it flops? Or when that ad is out in the wild for a few weeks and starts to fatigue? We're thinking about adaptability and efficiency from the very start. Instead of betting creative resources on one idea and hoping it sticks, we quickly create and test many ideas. With our own in-house design team, we're constantly creating content that's easy to change up. We integrate creative and account management to work fast and iterate to find the direction that will drive unparalleled results.

Data Activated

Testing is the name of the game at New Engen. We've developed a workflow -- backed by our technology -- that enables rapid, substantial testing on several different levels. With an in-depth tagging system and tools that automatically measure success, we provide results that are meaningful to our partners and we act on those results at a scale that can't be accomplished otherwise.

Communication with Partners

We're not a fan of black boxes. While some agencies and tools will deliver results, clients are left to trust the results at face value. At New Engen, we validate everything we test, analyze what worked and what didn't, provide weekly and quarterly reporting and keep partners engaged in the conversation as we make new decisions. This level of communication helps us stay true to our partners' goals and values and ensures we are making informed decisions.

We're a team of marketers, technologists and creatives solving one of the greatest challenges in marketing: accelerated, efficient customer acquisition. And we're committed to driving the most value and helping your company success through our dynamic team by connecting technology and marketing.

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