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Optimize to the Conversion Events You Care About

You define conversions that are meaningful to your business. Our Conversion Tracker feature allows you to choose how you optimize: for new customers, LTV, ROI, your attribution view and more. Embrace our platform’s flexibility to make better use of your spend.

Define Your Metrics

Find and Capture New Customers

Maximize your reach by tapping into the millions of ways customers express intent. Our Keyword Generation feature effortlessly creates keywords that cover even the most granular search queries, allowing you to allocate your spend where it will have the biggest impact.

Target Significant Customers

Bid and Budget with Precision, at Scale

Create large volumes of extremely targeted ads via the platform’s Ad Copy Generator and bid at the most granular level across millions of keywords with our Ad/Bid Group Selection and Automated Bidding/Aggregation features. Targeted ads + precise bidding = big wins you can’t get anywhere else.

Automate Your Ad Generation

Automate the Mundane and Work at Greater Speed

New Engen’s Campaign and Data Explorer allows you to access a single screen that consolidates all significant data for decision-making. Filter, drill-down, explore performance, answer questions and even make adjustments within our simple and easy-to-use platform.

Pinpoint Growth-Focused Data

Access Actionable Analytics and Insights to Make Decisions – Fast

With our platform’s standard and customizable analytics and reporting, users can discern performance trends across different data segments quickly and easily. Spend more time making data-backed decisions instead of hunting for the data itself.

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We’re committed to your success and will provide all the support you need to deliver high-performing marketing campaigns. Our mission says it and we mean it – New Engen exists to Elevate the Marketer. Here are ways to ensure you’re on track for success.

Access to a searchable, comprehensive library of training and best practices.

Engagement options tailored for your needs, from a self-service platform to a full-service team doing whatever it takes to succeed.

Onboarding training from expert marketing specialists with proven track records using the New Engen platform.

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