Maximize Your Shopping Performance

New Engen uses a data-driven approach to build out your entire campaign structure in Google Ads or Bing Shopping. We manage your feed at no extra charge to get those carts filled up in no time.

Managed & Optimized Product Feeds
Prioritize key strategic areas to retain product history for optimal relevance scores.
A Team of Connected Experts
We work with our tech to maximize revenue aligned to your company’s spend goals.
Hourly Refreshed Campaigns
Update and publish pre-defined, automated rules for campaigns, bidding and feeds.

Our sophisticated and flexible engine reviews and analyzes data in any format to efficiently structure, bid and budget Product Listing Ads for your company. We’re with you each step of the way for faster, more efficient testing across the board.

Performance-Driven Automation
Set campaigns, product groups and priority structures, organized by device type.
Automated Product Assignments
Manage and allocate millions of products across multiple campaigns for more efficient bidding.
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