Driving digital success for a highly seasonal and competitive business

1-800-FLOWERS faces significant seasonality, with a year-defining number of sales happening across three peak holidays: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. With so much riding on each, factors like spiking CPCs can have a seismic effect on the business’ profitability during a critical sales push.

Leading up to Mother’s Day, we created over 2,000 geo-targeted campaigns to give our team the ability to optimize marketing budgets as precisely as possible. Taking a hybrid approach to bidding, utilizing automated overnight bids in conjunction with targeted intra-day bid changes, we were able to respond to real-time shifts in efficiency at the city level. A close partnership and tight communication plan allowed us to escalate decision points to client leadership quickly so no time was lost.

81% Mother’s Day Revenue growth

47% Growth in Exact Match impression share

69% Volume From New Customers

2X Growth in Mobile Revenue Year-Over-Year

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