A Spotlight on Black History Month

Anna Otieno, Head of Research, Strategy & Insights

Carli Gernot, Content Development Specialist

What’s Up

Snapchat is celebrating Black History Month with new content, new Spotlight challenges and a new program created to promote representative diversity.

Throughout February, Snapchat is awarding over $40K in cash prizes to users who participate in Black History Month Spotlight Challenges. These take place on Snapchat Spotlight - a tab within the app that features short-form viral videos from businesses, creators, and everyday users.

Snapchatters can tap into a new collection of augmented reality Lenses — created by Black AR creators like Enoch, Masharzi McCann, Kathryn Hicks; or explore new Black History Month Lenses created by a group of seven Black AR creators.

Finally, Snapchat is working alongside the Beauty in Inclusivity Association (BIIA), the first-ever beauty collective focused on ensuring true diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry. BIIA leads a novel brand auditing and certification system that will provide training resources to corporations. Throughout Black History Month, Snapchat is hosting a dedicated profile for BIIA-curated content to highlight and amplify BIPOC and allied creator voices.

What It Means

Snapchat’s celebration of Black History Month embraces three themes that drive current consumer purchasing and engagement preferences:

  1. Immersive experiences
  2. Authentic representation
  3. Accountability around diversity and inclusion

It also aligns with our 2023 predictions Partner Up and Gimme Artificial! ... Intelligence; and provides a real world example of how social media brands can walk the walk when it comes to displaying inclusive and diverse representation.

The key element in all three aspects of Snapchat’s Black History Month offerings is simple — centering Black creators. Social media platforms, beauty brands, e-commerce retailers, and companies across industries can benefit from shifting focus — particularly during Black History Month — onto Black creators and business leaders; and positioning them to help define direction, strategy, and ideology to better meet diverse consumer expectations.

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