Introducing the New Engen Election Insights Dashboard for 2024

Election years can disrupt the digital marketing landscape. To help you keep a pulse on the trends that could impact your brand this election season, we’re launching our 2024 Election Insights Dashboard, a tool from the advanced analytics experts at New Engen.


Featured in Authority: Andrew Richardson on Effective Data Use

New Engen SVP of Advanced Analytics & Measurement, Andrew Richardson, sat down with Authority Magazine to discuss the mechanics of data-driven decision-making, the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in today’s landscape, and more.


Featured in EMARKETER: Andrew Richardson on GenAI in Advertising

In the busy world of advertising, generative AI (GenAI) has a lot of potential - but hurdles persist against widespread adoption. Andrew Richardson, VP of Analytics & Measurement at New Engen, weighs in on the matter in a new report from eMarketer.


Unpacking This Week's TikTok News

American lawmakers are going after TikTok again, but this time they’re backing it up with legislation. Here’s what you should know about the latest threat to a countrywide ban on TikTok.


Quoted in Digiday: Kelly Dye on AI in Influencer Marketing

The use of AI in influencer marketing is on the rise, but there’s a lack of consensus around what role it should play over the long term. Kelly Dye, VP of Influencer Marketing, weighs in on the best (and worst) use cases for AI.


Holiday Guide Part 8: TikTok Hacks

It's not too late to get your brand ramped up on TikTok - in fact, the timing is perfect. Don't let the Holiday 2023 rush prevent you from unlocking TikTok.


Published in ANA: Nora Bafus on Navigating AI as a Creative

Nora Bafus, VP of Creative at New Engen, guides marketers on navigating AI’s vast realm. From reshaping iteration to mastering a smarter day-to-day, Nora highlights the delicate balance between automation and the human touch in her recent piece for ANA.


Webinar Replay: Supercharge Your Ads with Reels

In October 2023, New Engen and Meta dished out the latest insights on Reels, and why the format is the best investment marketers can make for their paid social strategy programs right now.


Holiday Guide Part 5: The Path to Brand Discovery

The path to brand discovery is changing, and social media platforms are playing an increasingly large role in the consumer purchase journey. Understand the search habits of your target audience ahead of the 2023 holiday season.


Quoted In Digiday: Kevin Goodwin Weighs In on WeAre8

The U.S. launch of WeAre8, an ambitious new social-good media app, has generated buzz thanks to some amazing, sounds-too-good-to-be-true metrics. But is it right for all brands? “I think it would definitely interest brands that care more about brand safety and privacy,” says Kevin Goodwin.


July Recap: Breaking Down the Latest Twitter News

Things escalated for Twitter in July, as competitor apps like Spill gained traction and Meta delivered what could be the final blow when it launched Threads. Then, Elon Musk announced a Twitter rebrand, with a new name and logo, “X.” Here’s what to make of the latest news.


Here’s Your Cheat Sheet for the Upcoming GA4 Deadline

Coming into 2023, we predicted that many brands would feel the aftershock of being unprepared for the migration to GA4. With the deadline fast approaching, we want to do our part to help you avoid a GA4 hangover.


Influencer Marketing in the New Age of Generative AI

We’d be remiss to leave creators out of the conversation around marketing and generative AI, so we asked the experts at Acorn Influence to weigh in. Their main takeaway? Consumers value authenticity, which is why AI influencers won’t replace the real thing.


RSI Roundup: Earth Day 2023

Our agency Research, Strategy, & Insights (RSI) team keeps tabs on all the latest consumer and industry trends. So in honor of Earth Day, we’re bringing you a roundup of recent New Engen RSI reports covering sustainability and business in 2023.


Marketing in the New Age of Generative AI

You can’t make it far very on the internet these days without running into a news article, blog post, or tweet about generative AI. And now it’s our turn to join in on the fun - here’s how New Engen leaders are thinking about generative AI, and their predictions for what’s next.


Autonomous Accessibility

More companies are using AI-powered tools and technology to improve accessibility in the digital world — read on to learn why boosting accessibility is a top priority for brands across industries.


Doing It DigitALL on IWD

What did we have to say on International Women’s Day? A lot! Click to learn how international organizations are prioritizing gender equality and empowerment in digital education and innovation.


Greener Product Placement - Everybody In!

Did you catch the Super Bowl? Then you may have seen a partnership between a leading automaker and popular streaming platform - click to see where product placement in content highlights sustainability in practice.


Gen Z, Java & Tea

Latte, cold brew, decaf, oh my! — check out how Gen Z influencers are fueling a new wave of coffee appreciation and ethical brand practices.


Partner Up

Brands will up their partnerships to meet consumer push for authenticity, transparency and responsibility.


Waste Not, Want Not

Inflation and environmental concerns drive consumers to explore creative circularity and functional reCommerce.


Giving the Gift of Snapchat+

Social media subscriptions let members enjoy exclusive features — learn how expanded features of these subscriptions can widen brands’ reach and raise levels of customer engagement


A Prime Shopping Experience

Online shoppers search for the best prices and delivery dates — check out how one Amazon offering aims to help e-commerce brands grow and to give consumers more of what they want.


Seamless and Social Beauty Shopping

E-commerce is driven by increasingly immersive experiences — read on to learn about how one app is bringing new ways of shopping to the beauty space.


Beyond BNPL

Buy Now, Pay Later is the runaway hit this holiday. Take a look at how it’s expanding for shoppers looking to turn squeezed budgets into holiday magic.


It’s Elf in a Box!

Holiday favorites come in many shapes and sizes — check out how two brands are teaming up to offer a festive holiday meal kit that taps into the power of Christmas movies and sweet treats.


2022 U.S. Holiday Guide Check In

This holiday shopping season has retailers on their toes to serve up the best deals and capture consumer attention. Read on to see how New Engen’s Holiday Guide is helping businesses navigate the busiest time of the year!


The Deal with Returns

Tis the season ... to make sure you can return those gifts you’re not sure about! The era of “hassle-free returns” might be coming to an end. Find out what changes retailers are making to their return policies.


What Goes Around Comes Around

Luxury resale is taking off, largely because it appeals to shoppers’ thrifty nature and appetite for quality goods. Understanding reCommerce is key for retailers across industries and categories. See how online resale will impact luxury shopping and buying.


REI Says Goodbye to Black Friday

Consumers want to support brands that align with their values and REI comes through with a major value-forward move ahead of the biggest shopping day of the year. See what we can learn from one outdoor retailers’ Thanksgiving message.


Google Analytics 4: Here's What Metrics Are Changing

We’re less than a year away from Google deprecating Universal Analytics in favor of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - the next generation of the platform. With the changeover, a few key metrics will look different which will impact existing measurement programs.


Beauty, Clean and True

Have you ever heard that expression “Age before beauty" ... if you’re questioning why “age” and “beauty” are positioned as opposites, you’re going to be nodding along when you read what The Body Shop is up to! Check it out in today’s RSI trend bite.


A Sprint Towards Values

Are you tired? ‘cause you’ve been running through our minds all day 👟. ... this is awkward. Let’s get into today’s trend article.


New Engen 2022 Holiday Guide for Marketers

The 2022 holiday season is here! As we get into this expanded season, we see the consumer and brand landscapes changing. Digital marketing approaches that incorporate the guidance outlined in the following trends will be more prepared to succeed in the dynamic holiday shopping marketplace.


Box it Up!

Subscription boxes come in all shapes and sizes — find out how some brands are navigating the ins and outs of changes to the sub box market, spurred on by inflation and budget-focused shopping behaviors.


NFT Vending in NYC

Neon has debuted an NFT vending machine. Open 24-hours a day, the vending machine accepts U.S. credit and debit cards in exchange for a unique code in a box which is linked to the purchased NFT. Buyers then use the code to access their purchase on Neon’s platform.


Alexa... Dr. Alexa to you!

Amazon has expanded its suite of health care solutions with the introduction of an Alexa-based physician service.


Members Away, into the Metaverse

It's clear: the metaverse is here to stay. Brands need to extend into the metaverse by developing direct-to-avatar offerings in order to establish a solid position in the virtual economy.


TikTok for Ten ... Minutes!

The only way to stay relevant is to evolve. TikTok’s embracement of longer-form video content is a move meant to appeal to more types of creators. Longer videos present potential to keep viewers on the platform longer and offer more opportunities for monetization.


Fenty Tips Her Hand

Rihanna’s brand will soon be yet another player to launch virtual products or experiences in the metaverse. Fenty will join brands across industries including Nike, Miller Lite, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Ferrari, Burger King, and American Eagle.


Google is Deprecating Universal Analytics. Now What?

Google has announced it will phase out web-based Universal Analytics next year and roll out the web and app-based Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This overhaul comes as Google and other companies tackle increased consumer privacy expectations and complex international privacy legislation and regulation.


Stick a Pin in It!

Pinterest has launched a new feature which lets creators download and share content across social channels. The new functionality, called Pin Sharing, works with Idea Pins, the platform’s video-first pin format, which was debuted in May 2021.


Adidas Does Transparency

Adidas is one of the first major brands to trial TrusTrace Material Traceability & Compliance—a blockchain sustainability verification solution for fashion and apparel.


On Demand Lip Color

Move over, Pantone. There’s a new color specialist in town. Yves Saint-Laurent’s Rouge Sur Mesure powered by Perso is a smart device that lets users customize lip colors at home.


Deeds Not Words on International Women’s Day 2022

Happy International Women’s Day 2022! Today, we look at how one Twitter bot is working to #BreakTheBias through a combination of creativity and technology to hold brands accountable for gender equality in the workplace.

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