In the News: What's Keeping Brands from Unlocking Scale with Creator Content? The Lack of a Holistic Approach

*The following is a summary of an article originally published by Advertising Week on April 7, 2023.

While marketers continue to double down on their investment in creator content, many are not maximizing its true value potential. Why does the gulf between winning creator content and performance marketing still exist? Because brands are still keeping their creator content bound to social media when it's time to ideate on how to bring creator content into the broader digital realm where we can measure full-funnel attribution.

  • Despite the influencer marketing industry reaching $16.4 billion in 2022, brands are struggling to prove the value of influencer collaborations.
  • Marketers should experiment and break down the silos between digital marketing tactics to tap into everything from shoppable content to CTV.
  • By repurposing creator content across other mediums, brands can increase engagement and conversions while building genuine relationships between brands and consumers.
  • Pushing creator-generated content into performance marketing channels will allow for increased audience learnings and a better understanding of what resonates with consumers.
  • While most influencer contracts are negotiated on a 1:1 basis, influencer content licensed through Acorn (a New Engen company) includes full usage rights, in perpetuity, across all mediums.

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