Justin Hayashi Discusses Digital Marketing on The Matt Waller Podcast

SEATTLE, WA - New Engen Co-Founder and CEO, Justin Hayashi, joined Matt Waller on the latest episode of The Matt Waller Podcast: The Evolution of Digital Marketing. Justin reflects on his experience as a business leader in the digital marketing space and shares his thoughts on the relationship between mindset and organizational success.

“When you make decisions on the day-to-day, are you making those decisions for your own well-being or your own selfish reasons? Or are you thinking about it from an organization’s success? It’s not setting the expectation that you work 60 hours a week and do whatever it takes for the company at the sacrifice of your own well-being. It’s absolutely not that (I like to double-emphasize that). It’s about the shared purpose, the common vision, the common goal, the common mindset of ‘let’s do what’s right for the business.' Because that's what will ultimately serve everybody well in the long run, as it creates more opportunities, and as it creates more success for the business.”

About New Engen
New Engen is a digital marketing agency driving impact for brands across every phase of the customer journey – maximizing it, measuring it, and repeating it. Through a collective passion for building brands, a relentless desire to challenge the status quo, and deep digital expertise across hundreds of brands and verticals, we put our clients on the cutting edge of what’s possible in digital marketing.

About Matt Waller
As a supply chain management professor, consultant, and investor, my mission is to bridge the gap between academia, industry, and investment by advancing the understanding and implementation of innovative logistics and e-commerce technologies. I aim to foster effective and efficient supply chains, creating value for businesses, investors, students, the university, and society. I’m currently a Strategic Advisor to NewRoad Capital Partners, Dean Emeritus of the Sam M. Walton College of Business, and Professor of Supply Chain Management. My work as a professor, researcher, and consultant is synergistic, blending academic research with practical insights from industry experience. This continuous cycle of learning and application makes my work more effective, relevant, and impactful.

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