New Engen featured in Digiday article, “Pitch deck: How WeAre8 presents itself to advertisers as it launches in the U.S.”

August 2023

*The following is a summary of an article originally published by Digiday on August 10th, 2023.

Seattle, WA - WeAre8, an ambitious new social-good media app, has made its Stateside debut. With a mission to spread love and all things good—and to not tolerate hate in any way—they're changing the social media landscape. WeAre8 goes to great lengths to present the social media network as being “The Peoples’ Platform”, a place that “doesn’t tolerate hate, is better for the planet, puts money in your wallet.”

“Citizens” of the app can watch ads in exchange for cash, which can be paid out to the individual or paid forward to charity. For every ad, 50% of the revenue is shared with citizens, 5% goes to charity and climate solutions, and 5% goes towards creators, with WeAre8 retaining the remaining 40% of ad revenue.

This approach has resulted in amazing metrics. WeAre8 claims up to 90% opt-in rates, 100% view-through rates, and a remarkable 10% click-through rate. But is it the right place for every brand? Our own Kevin Goodwin, VP of Performance Marketing, had this to say:

I think it would definitely interest brands that care more about brand safety and privacy. For everyone else, if there’s good reach, if there’s incremental eyeballs and there’s a value proposition, then definitely. But all of this comes with the caveats of the cost to get going and set things up. We’d see it as being more appealing to brands with big budgets who can throw a big amount at a branded buy, rather than scrappy brands with tighter budgets.

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