In the News: The Latest Threat of TikTok Bans Have Caused Marketers to Raise an Eyebrow

SEATTLE, WA - TikTok, the app known for its short-form videos, has been in the headlines lately due to concerns about its user data and potential privacy breaches. Many governments have issued bans on the platform, and the latest geopolitical tensions around TikTok have raised eyebrows among marketers who depend on the platform to reach their target audience. Despite the bans, marketers are reluctant to abandon TikTok due to its cost-effectiveness and popularity, especially among the younger generation.

Kevin Goodwin, VP of Performance Marketing at New Engen, and Head of Research, Strategy, and Insights, Anna Otieno, speak to how marketers are adapting to the changing landscape and exploring earned media options to reach Gen Z without compromising their privacy as well as highlight the need for meaningful regulation to address privacy concerns in the online advertising sector.

TikTok needs to do more to be transparent given these growing security concerns.

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