Featured in EMARKETER: Kevin Goodwin on Paid Social in H1 2024

*The following is a summary of a report initially published by EMARKETER on April 29th, 2024.

Seattle, WA - EMARKETER’s Paid Social Forecast Report for H1 2024 is here, informed by interviews with industry experts like New Engen VP of Digital Marketing, Kevin Goodwin. The report identifies the key trends and technologies influencing the paid social landscape right now, including:

  • Skepticism around AI-powered campaigns like Meta’s ASC+ is ebbing as advertisers become more comfortable with the technology (and continue to see results).
  • Retail and CPG brands own a majority share of ad spend on social media platforms and, in turn, are shaping how these platforms innovate their product offerings.
  • As social media plays an increasingly central role in the search and discovery phase of the buyer journey, platforms like TikTok and Meta are giving advertisers the ability to target at the search keyword level.

Access the full report to learn more.

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