Quick Take: Navigating the “Lull” between Labor Day and Thanksgiving

Kevin Goodwin, VP of Performance Marketing | Seattle, WA

August 2023

Is there a macro shopping "lull" between Labor Day and Thanksgiving?

As a marketer, I've felt this almost every year. You're coming out of the summer doldrums + Q4 hype is everywhere...but then September/October are always a letdown.

The data, at least from 2022, suggests this is true.

This is our Meta platform data from last year. Conversion rates clearly dip just after Labor Day sales end and then don't recover until the week or two before Black Friday.

Shoppers may not be converting as much in this period, but they are definitely in a "Pre" in-market phase, getting prepped for holiday purchases.

So how should marketers think about navigating this period?

1️⃣ Invest in awareness and consideration media - NOW is the time to start priming holiday shoppers with your distinct brand elements and differentiators.
2️⃣ Focus DR media on experimentation and profitability - use data to pre-validate your holiday approach (campaign structure, creative, channels etc.) and transfer saved DR dollars to upper funnel.

How are others thinking about maximizing these next ~2 months?

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