New Engen Featured in Digiday Article, "Snapchat’s AR Is Still a Work in Progress in the Eyes of Marketers"

October 2023

*The following is a summary of an article originally published by Digiday on October 4th, 2023.

SEATTLE, WA- Snapchat is pivoting its AR strategy, emphasizing the transformation of augmented reality into a potent advertising avenue. It's a dynamic move that centers AR as a key in-platform tool for marketers to explore and leverage in their campaigns.

In a recent article, New Engen’s Adam Telian and Kevin Goodwin shared their perspectives on Snapchat's AR journey.

“AR doesn’t make sense for every campaign,” said Adam Telian, VP of performance marketing at New Engen. “It’s either got to bring an entertainment value or the usage that makes sense to get more out of consumers exploring [a brand’s] product.”

“Kevin Goodwin, VP of performance marketing at New Engen, said he has some clients pushing Snapchat to a $1.50 new customer ROAS because they are comfortable with those economics for their business. Other clients are well above the $3 ROAS the one-pager stated because their margins are lower and they are more focused on immediate profitability.”

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