Members Away, into the Metaverse

Anna Otieno, Head of Research, Strategy & Insights

Carli Gernot, Content Development Specialist

What’s Up

American Eagle’s spring collection campaign, ’22 Members Away, extends all the way into the metaverse. The campaign features a cast of young stars, including actors, musicians, and a tennis player. The collection itself focuses on nostalgic 90’s looks.

Shoppers are able to engage with AE via an adaptation of the ’22 Members Away campaign on Livetopia — a top role-playing game made in the immensely popular video game platform and creation tool, Roblox. Users can collect exclusive game items, including apparel from the Spring collection, and hang out in the AE Members Away Club. Snapchatters can play interactive AR tennis, earning points by hitting targets featuring Spring items while shopping the collection. They can also scan store window displays to gain access to an immersive, in-app AR experience.

AE’s Members Always campaign represents our belief that this generation has the power to come together and create a place where everyone belongs. Coco, Joshua, Madelyn, Maitreyi, Michael and mxmtoon share a unique point of view on today's world that empowers others to believe in the limitless possibilities of tomorrow,” said Jennifer Foyle, President – Executive Creative Director, AE & Aerie - press release, 03.02.22

What It Means

The move to the metaverse has been led by gaming, and more and more fashion brands are outfitting avatars. Ralph Lauren, H&M, and Gucci have all released virtual apparel, and as demonstrated by Roblox, players love to update their avatars with clothes and other accessories. In 2021, 43 million active daily players made more than 165 billion — that’s billion with a B — avatar updates.Many of those players are spending real money on items.

Voxburner found that 65% of Gen Z have spent money on virtual items within a game.

It’s clear: the metaverse is here to stay, and players want clothes to wear, accessories to show off, and events to attend. Brands need to extend into the metaverse by developing direct-to-avatar offerings in order to establish a solid position in the virtual economy.

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