Leading Outdoor Apparel Brand | Meta Conversions API Drives Revenue Growth

The Challenge

Proving the true impact of Meta Conversions API on key performance metrics

New Engen’s client, a leading outdoor apparel brand, sought to validate Meta’s Conversions API (CAPI) - a tool that enables advertisers to better leverage their 1st-party data and more accurately measure campaign performance. We worked with the brand to develop a strategy that tested the impact of CAPI.


What we achieved

Launching the Meta Conversions API for our client resulted in immediate revenue & ROAS gains.

Our Approach

We leveraged a third-party attribution system to validate campaign results

After launching CAPI for the brand, we measured campaign performance using Google Analytics, which served as a third-party attribution system. The results were conclusive: sustained revenue and ROAS growth that surpassed targets, even during non-promotional periods. Proving these outcomes through GA-reported data empowered our client to proceed with confidence and make CAPI a fixture of their marketing solution stack.

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