Profiling and optimizing for higher value customers results in 27% increase in customer lifetime value

ne x outdoor apparel co collab

Driving incremental value

The Challenge

Driving incremental value

We were on a mission to help this outdoor apparel brand find incremental value in their marketing program. Where we focused: their audience. Specifically, identifying the audience cohorts with the greatest potential for a higher lifetime value.


What we achieved

Results: +27% customer lifetime value

Our approach

Find and target highest value customers

First, we dug into audience data to understand how consumers were engaging with and converting on campaigns. Using these insights, we built a view of customer lifetime value (LTV) across channels and creatives.

We then worked with this outdoor apparel brand to shift budget toward channels that drove the greatest LTV. We also shifted creative to push more customers into cross-product purchasing. Overall, these adjustments netted more precise targeting, a more efficient media mix, and 27% higher customer LTV compared to prior efforts.

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