Incrementality study finds CTV drives 35% lift in conversion volume

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The Challenge

Understand impact of CTV awareness efforts

A limited ability to track user behavior after exposure to ads creates a unique challenge for advertisers looking to understand the downstream impact of their CTV (Connected TV) video awareness efforts. We worked with this outdoor apparel company on a solution to help them get a clear picture of the impact of their CTV awareness efforts.


What we achieved

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an outdoor apparel company's results

Our approach

Build an incrementality study

We segmented test geographies into two similar performing groups - a holdout group and a test group where we ran CTV awareness efforts. In partnership with The Trade Desk, we measured the lift in total sales to those exposed to CTV ads in our test group and compared that to total sales from the control group, giving a clear picture of the impact of CTV awareness efforts.

Strong performance of the test group can be attributed to rigorous testing of lookalike audiences modeled off of site visitors, purchasers, and other 1st party data. Whitelisted SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) services allowed for the client to control brand safety while still reaching key audiences and placements.

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