Reorganization and creative tagging increased ROAS by 126% and revenue over 320%

An eco-friendly shoe brand needed help to revamp their Facebook campaigns, expand into new channels and increase spend. Our team innovated on a tool to help them succeed.

New Engen’s Approach

This partner’s previous agency wasn’t able to run Facebook campaigns efficiently. They came to New Engen after a new tagging implementation provided inflated performance data and conversions. We were handed campaigns flooded with bad data and little historical performance and needed to find a baseline to launch new campaigns. After our team reviewed a campaign with poor data quality, we knew we could help them make a fresh start.

The time you spend on the front end saves even more time on the back end.

First, we wanted to implement a complete campaign overhaul, which required better data, so we innovated on our tagging system to enable insightful learnings. We are nimble enough at New Engen that if our tool isn't flexible enough to adequately support a partner’s needs, we build something new.

We saw immediate success through coupling our technology with tagging tools, managed by our team of experienced account managers. After launching on August 1, we doubled revenue month-over-month, increased spend by 95% and reduced CPA by 21%. “We know that the time you spend on the front end saves even more time on the back end,” an account manager said. After establishing firm footing, we were able to improve and grow from our initial success.

Pointing in the Right Direction

Currently, the highest spend is on Facebook, where the brand has historically seen the most success, and we increased ROAS by 126%.

On Facebook, the tagging tool helped us apply tags for creative, copy and landing pages. All tags applied to performance data to help us gain more insightful learnings which gives us the flexibility to essentially “slice and dice” data for individual inputs. There’s no real opportunity to do this type of tagging and analysis within Facebook itself and we needed that data to continue to learn what’s best for our partner. And the brand wouldn’t have this info if they weren’t working with us and with our tool.

The winning variant features a broader selection of products.

We launched new campaigns in the fall, and we’re still generating results from our ongoing landing page tests. Our main goal was to improve product focus. With variants on both the shop all page and the home page, we found that the shop all page nearly doubled CVR (conversion ratio). Simply put: the winning variant features a broader selection of products.

As we spent more time working on this brand’s creative, we pushed a new method of organization and delivery to help streamline our process, including collecting products for an extensive photoshoot.

Then, months of strong sales led to an unexpected gift – a celebrity was spotted in a pair of their shoes. Leveraging the power of the press and a merry band of style enthusiasts, sales skyrocketed. Spend AND conversions doubled overnight. We showed off the popularity of the shoes in design and copy with testimonials, quotes and features. Our commitment to an organized, sturdy groundwork from the beginning paid off as we were able to easily and confidently adjust spend to take advantage of the increased exposure.

Next Steps

Since we launched with this brand, we’ve consistently come in at or under their targets. In the first 90 days, we increased revenue by 329%. Our new motto is, “The sky’s the limit," and created a strong foundation for the company to take a step in the right direction. Our tagging tool continues to improve as we evaluate whether other clients can benefit from it. And, we continue to strive for more segmentation in our data, especially from an audience perspective.

The sky's the limit.

Soon after we started with this partner, we also began supporting Search and Shopping. The more strategic we are as we onboard new channels – Pinterest and YouTube are next – we can be far more purposeful with who we message, when and where. Working across much of this brand’s social presence allows us to strategize in a more holistic way.

As we continue to test landing pages, our team plans to explore more from a UX perspective to help provide context to build an infrastructure like the way that we build the company’s tagging system. We provided the partner with new methods of delivery to improve organization and updating the team structure helps us get the results we need. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow our relationship and aim to double spend in the new year.

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