Here, you will find information on the awards we have won, upcoming events we will be attending or presenting at, and other updates on the exciting happenings within our companies.

New Engen Announces Equity Investment From Insignia Capital Group

We’re thrilled to announce that we have finalized an equity investment from Insignia Capital Group. Put simply, this new investment will help us accelerate our next stage of growth, expand our capability set while continuing to provide the best possible service for our clients.


The 2021 Guide to Holiday Prep for eCommerce Marketers

In The 2021 Guide to Holiday Prep for eCommerce Marketers, we reflect on the impacts of 2020, what has changed in 2021, the consumer trends impacting eCommerce brands this season, and how marketers can respond right now.


We Made AdWeek's 75 Fastest Growing Agencies List

And just like that, New Engen was named one of AdWeek’s 75 Fastest Growing Agencies across the globe! This wouldn’t be possible without our innovative clients and partners, and our team delivering breakthrough results for them every day.


The Drum Digital Industries ‘Agency of the Year’ Finalists

As digital marketing obsessives, we’ve been longtime super fans of The Drum alongside thousands upon thousands of savvy marketers, which is why we are overjoyed to share we’ve been recognized for our achievements and named a finalist for The Drum Awards for Digital Industries ‘Agency of the Year!’


New Engen Made the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies List

After years of hard work, and hyperfocus on growing our agency and talent across a wide range of media and creative disciplines, we made the 2021 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list! We’re so proud and grateful to be recognized for our hard work.


Channel Partner Spotlight: A Google Premier Partner Love Story

Because who doesn’t love a good love story? We’re so touched that Google highlighted our partnership in their recent case study! Since 2016, we’ve helped countless clients manage thousands of successful Google Ad campaigns — all through Google’s customized support.


Two Weeks After iOS 14.5, Here’s What We Know

The latest Apple iOS 14.5 update comes with even more changes directly impacting your mobile campaigns. Don’t you worry — we've been monitoring these updates closely since day one, and have put together an easy-to-use guide to help you make informed decisions on your mobile campaigns right away.


Cyber Week or Cyber Month?

Two weeks into Q4, the surprises of 2020 keep coming. In spite of a volatile economy, this Cyber Week is set to be the biggest ever. How a pandemic, an election, and a holiday rush will come together to create a perfect storm.


iOS 14 Is Coming. What Does It Mean For Facebook Marketers?

While Mark Zuckerberg was going viral for this (bigfoot-esque) picture of him surfing off the coast of Hawaii, Facebook announced they will no longer be riding the wave of IDFA data from some Apple users, thanks to a suite of recently announced iOS 14 privacy changes. This has serious implications.


Don’t Just Keep Up with Social – Get Ahead of it

Some recent marketing food for thought: with the constantly evolving economic disparity, civil unrest, and uncertainty across the world – are ‘best practices on social’ even relevant anymore? The answer is murky, but I’ll forge on with a “yes, and” response... maybe a “yes, but.”


Advertising on Facebook – The Classic Image Ad is Here to Stay

Video, video, video. For the past 2-3 years, all we’ve been hearing is that video is the future of Facebook advertising. The prognosticators were not wrong, but when looking at direct response creative, it turns out – the classic image ad is here to stay.


Facebook’s Limited Data Use & What it Means for (LD)U

Although the CCPA went into effect in January, there has been a recent resurgence in conversation regarding the law, thanks to Facebook’s announcement on June 23 of a new feature called “Limited Data Use.”


So, More People Are Online – but What Are They Doing?

We are now entering our fifth month of the COVID-19 pandemic and, it’s safe to say, it’s no longer insightful to point out that people are spending more time online. You’re reading this now, aren’t you? But what is everyone else doing?


Keeping Your Creative Authentic in a Crisis

“We’re here for you.” Those of us with even the slightest pulse on media, advertising, and social platforms over the past few months have likely noticed a shift in creative strategy from advertisers.


The Cold, Hard Facebook FAQs – Stop Hate for Profit

To boycott Facebook or not to boycott Facebook? For advertisers right now, that seems to be the question. We’re sharing some frequently asked questions we’ve received from clients to ensure you can make the most prudent decisions for your unique business needs during the month of July.


How to Get Scrappy with Creative

No studio? No problem. Just because mandatory quarantine is restricting in-person content production, photo, and video shoots doesn’t mean that your asset pipeline needs to stagnate. We've put together three creative and quick tips to help you elevate your content while you isolate.


Changing the Channel: Go Where The Customers Are

"Are You Still Watching?" Ugh, yes... yes we are. As we all continue to adjust to this “new normal,” one thing has remained the same; time spent binge-watching. With the abrupt onset of a global pandemic, consumers have turned to video media to stay connected and entertained.


Ad Trends: The Windy Road to Recovery

Please keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the ride at all times. After a period of intense fluctuation in demand and CPM in March and April, the digital advertising space has entered into a period of relative stasis over the last month.


Exploring the Amazon

As we all know, Amazon is growing fast and is here to stay. As a new platform, Amazon has not yet established its best practices, making it slightly difficult to adopt beyond the experimentation phase… but that’s where we come in!


10 Mistakes You're Making in Creative

There are several factors that go into executing a successful campaign – but one of the most crucial? Your Creative – especially on Facebook.


Come At Me, Marketer

Last week, I had one of the best conversations with the Senior Director of Marketing of one of our largest accounts – let’s go ahead and call her “Kelly.”


Holiday Tips Just Q4 You

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing tips and insights from the New Engen Performance Marketing team to ensure you dominate your December goals and finish out the year strong.


Is Data Trustworthy or Just History?

When it comes to winning in customer acquisition – should performance marketers make decisions based on data or… their gut? Here’s what science has to say about it.


Digital Marketing Maturity Revealed

Do you know the digital maturity of your marketing—are you a toddler, teen or adult? Understanding what stage you’re in can add clarity to your journey and help you make the right decisions.


Top 4 Mobile App Advertising Myths

Break these mobile app advertising myths to succeed in acquiring users for your mobile app. Helpful tips for adding mobile app ads to your mobile advertising strategy.


2018 Digital Marketing Watch List

2017 was another banner year for e-commerce and digital marketing - and we've only scratched the surface. As Internet advertising continues to grow in every market globally, buyers and sellers alike are in a massive execution "Olympics" for new products and customers, respectively.

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